Online courses on the iPad: Apple launches iTunes U on the App Store

On the educational event in New York Apple today introduced a new application for iOS called iTunes U. The universal app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and will provide students with a complete package in order to participate in online courses from different universities.

Unlike the iTunes U video category in iTunes, the new app offers a complete package for teachers and students. Apple wants to make this possible, including through the integration of (paid) iBooks books and podcasts. For students, the app also offers the functions to create during the course notes.

Also, the app can be used to distribute homework: To-do lists and tasks can be sent directly to the students on their iOS device. Links within the app to link tasks, including the necessary text books with the data stored in iBooks. Who more than an iOS device can call his own, rejoice: the same note app also syncs iTunes U content between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iTunes U had been of particular interest to students, so should the trial offer now also be extended to the secondary.

iTunes U is available now in the App Store.


Google Launches iPhone App For Its Social Network ‘Orkut’

Google yesterday released an iPhone app for its Orkut social network. Orkut received quite a bit of press attention yesterday because it was the most popular social networking in Brazil until a report by comScore yesterday suggested Facebook overtook it. According to comScore, 36.1 million Brazilians visited Facebook in December 2011 compared to the 34.4 million who visited Orkut.

Google launches its social network "Orkut" for iOS

Orkut was launched by Google in 2004 and has been particularly successful in Brazil where 60% of its total users are located. Orkut gives users the ability to “send scraps, see your friends updates, upload photos and browse your friends albums anywhere you go.”

According to the app’s descriptions, these are the features available:

  • Update your status
  • Check your scraps and messages
  • Reply to your friends birthdays
  • Check your friends updates
  • Browse your friends profiles, scraps and photos
  • Take new photos and upload them directly to your Orkut albums
  • Share your life anywhere, anytime with the people you care about

The app is free and available in English and Portuguese.


Soul Calibur coming to iOS devices

The same time as console version of the new Soul Calibur V Bandai Namco Games announced this Thursday that appears to still implement the original, with control via virtual gamepads for newer iOS devices. The graphic should be at least as good as seen in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast.

Since a press conference held in Tokyo on Saturday the trailer videos are released, with which the new part of the martial arts series for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and the first IOS version of the classic duel to be advertised.

The control of the game is realized with the touch screen, virtual gamepads come very close to traditional controllers. The title supports the ranking leaders of the Game Center, features six game modes and 19 playable characters.
According to announcement of Soul Calibur only the newer iOS devices like the iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch and iPad 2 will supported. The price of the app has not been announced.

New Verizon directive indicates LTE-enabled iPhone 5

The U.S. mobile provider Verizon Wireless can be heard at CES 2012 that all its future must support the sales included in the networks of the fourth-generation smartphone, the LTE standard. Between the lines of this notice is withdrawn, bringing the iPhone 5 with 4G.

A larger screen, a curved instrument design, NFC and LTE support – everything was in the rumor mill from the iPhone 5 was expected, before Tim Cook in October 2011, the iPhone 4S with Siri presented that confirmed any of the previous speculation.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, now aroused a statement of the provider Verizon attention, the media attention a year ago, the iPhone CDMA recorded in his program. As a big proponent of the LTE standard and leader of the infrastructural development of this fourth-generation mobile networks will be required as a “hard requirement” virtually unconditionally by the smartphone manufacturers to jump on the LTE train.

There is no reason to believe that Verizon, the business will miss out voluntarily with the popular iPhone due to the above mentioned product policy, whether for the iPhone 5, which supposedly last great project of Steve Jobs to reckon with the implementation of the faster wireless standard LTE , Cnet speculates not without reason.

Smartphone Sales: Samsung probably in the first quarter of 2012 before Apple

In the fourth quarter of the year, companies can usually rub their hands, the Christmas season is thanks. The completion of the first quarter of 2012 could give Samsung a reason to celebrate: It is expected that the South Koreans will sell more smartphones than Apple.

Samsung seems to his advantage, especially in view of its wide range, because in addition to high-end devices like the Galaxy S II and the Nexus, the South Koreans have also cheaper entry-level smartphones on offer. Apple offers its customers “only” the old models of iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 as well as the current iPhone 4S. Although the previous models are now at a considerably cheaper, Apple is missing in his collection a favorable (prepaid) iPhone.

In the last quarter of 2011, Samsung was able to depose all the 32 million smart phones, not least thanks to the holiday shopping season. Overall, last year brought 300 million mobile phones in the man and woman. Advantageous for future smartphones, according to Bloomberg is primarily the declining prices of the chips.

Verizon iPhone sales doubled

Verizon Wireless has indicated in the Christmas quarter sold 4.2 million iPhones.The smartphone from Apple saw in the American mobile phone provider for the first time for satisfactory sales in a quarter.

As Verizon Wireless CFO Fran Shammo announced, the company could sell in the past quarter-Christmas 4.2 million iPhones. Verizon managed to make it, its iPhone sales over the previous quarter to more than double.

The reason for the increase in the growing demand for the iPhone 4S and 4 after the iPhone was cheaper. Of course, also have the buying power of consumers at Christmas played its part.
So far mobile operator Verizon Wireless has with the iPhone sales figures are not satisfied. That may have changed now. The other U.S. mobile provider Sprint and AT & T will announce its sales figures in the coming week. Apple will announce the end of January, the figures of the last quarter.

Apple’s Santa TV spot deemed best ad of holiday season

Santa has come and gone on his sleigh, and Apple has profited along the way. A survey from Ace Metrix, a TV ad analysis firm, has revealed that Apple’s Santa Siri commercial beat out 34 other Santa-themed spots to win the crown of most effective ad for the 2011 holiday season.

Apple’s commercial, featuring Santa and the iPhone 4S’s Siri assistant, scored a 652 out of a possible 950 points in Ace Metrix’s survey, topping competitors like Pillsbury, Coca-Cola, and Nintendo.

If predications are to be believed, Apple will sell an incredible amount of iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads this holiday season, breaking previous records. Santa may need to consider moving his base of operations to Cupertino, California.

HTC to remove feature that infringes Apple patent

HTC, Asia’s second-biggest maker of smart phones, can tweak the technology in its handsets to avoid a U.S. trade agency ban. Dealing with the threat from Apple’s and Samsung Electronics’ new devices may prove tougher.

The U.S. International Trade Commission said Monday that, beginning in April, it would ban the sale of HTC phones that infringed an Apple patent on so-called data detection, such as touching a phone number or an address in an e-mail to dial or find the address on a map. HTC responded by saying it will remove the offending features from its phones.

Keeping the handsets on the market solves HTC’s immediate challenge after becoming the top selling vendor in the United States. Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus and Apple’s faster, Siri-enabled iPhone hit the market within the past quarter, posing a new threat to HTC’s place in the $262 billion global mobile-phone market. The Taiwanese company is forecast to post its slowest annual sales growth and first profit decline since the 2009 economic crisis.

“Things were going great at HTC two years ago, their products were so successful, and they were the hottest company in mobile phones,” said Will Stofega, an analyst at researcher IDC. “They didn’t keep the momentum going, and now we’re seeing products that haven’t wowed audiences as much.”

HTC’s revenue will climb 11 percent next year and profit will drop 6.7 percent, according to analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg, marking its worst financial performance since the 2009 global economic crisis. HTC’s revenue climbed fiftyfold from 2000 to 2010, according to Bloomberg data.

Last month, stiff competition prompted HTC to cut its sales guidance for this quarter by 20 percent. That announcement, on Nov. 23, prompted the stock to drop by its daily 7 percent limit in Taipei for two consecutive days, worsening the year-to-date loss to 45 percent.

At least six brokers downgraded HTC since the revised guidance, with more analysts recommending investors sell HTC than buy for the first time in at least two years.

The ITC, the agency empowered to block imports of products that infringe the patents, found in Apple’s favor for one of four patents the Cupertino company alleged HTC breached. Apple’s patent covered a feature in which the phone recognizes a telephone number so it can be stored in directories or called without dialing.

The result, while less than Apple sought, marks its first victory in patent cases and strengthens the argument that Google’s Android “ripped off the iPhone,” as the company’s late founder, Steve Jobs, once claimed. The ruling is the first definitive decision in the dozens of patent cases that began to proliferate last year as smart-phone makers battle over a market that Strategy Analytics Inc. said increased 44 percent last quarter from a year earlier to 117 million phones worldwide.

Apple also has civil patent infringement cases against HTC and Samsung. Both Asian rivals have also filed their own retaliatory actions to the ITC and in U.S courts. The Android operating system has led the global market since last year, climbing to 48 percent of all smart phones in the second quarter of this year and ahead of 19 percent for Apple’s iOS platform, according to British researcher Canalys.

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Data by Bloomberg Source

App Store Problems: iPhone, iPod Touch Running iOS 3.1.3 Reportedly Cannot Download New Apps

Unlike Apple’s Android is fragmented universe iOS significantly less. Although there are certain apps in the App Store a minimum IOS version or a specific IOS device require the rule but this is fortunately not. So far at least, because currently it looks as if Apple prohibit devices with IOS 3.1.3 or older to access the App Store.

In Apple’s support forums, some users report this problem. This is how an iPhone 3G owner, a tip that leads to the app-price to any action. Also recommended for evaluating the buttons or the app to the app are no apparent function. In addition, no preview images are displayed. Neither the termination of running background apps, nor the recovery of individual apps or the complete device is intended to help the victims as saying. Fortunately, there still seems to be able to buy apps with iTunes on your computer and transfer them afterwards.

Direct inquiries regarding the problem Apple should have answered with a standard text blocks, which is asked to contact AppleCare. The fact that Apple still makes no official information about the problem can, hoping that it is indeed only a mistake, and not a specific “kicked out” of iPhones and iPods are using an old version of IOS.

Mac App Store: 100 million downloads in less than one year

Almost a year ago that Apple OS X 10.6.6 available for download and thus opened the doors to the new shopping paradise for Mac applications, the Mac App Store has. Were at the launch of a limited number of apps available, meanwhile cavort major titles between many small app store pearl. Indication of the success of the Mac App Store: Today has passed the magic boundary of the 100 million app downloads.

At first glance, this appears not much, especially compared with the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: There were three months after the launch twice as many downloads. After a year, Apple reported more than one billion app downloads. Cupertino now reached this level monthly.

However, the App Store iOS the only way to download apps for OS X next to the Mac App Store, other sources are used. In addition, the average price for Mac programs is much higher than the price of IOS applications. Since there are hardly any significant competition, Apple’s App Store, but still describe as the “world’s largest and fastest growing store for PC software.”