Soul Calibur coming to iOS devices

The same time as console version of the new Soul Calibur V Bandai Namco Games announced this Thursday that appears to still implement the original, with control via virtual gamepads for newer iOS devices. The graphic should be at least as good as seen in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast.

Since a press conference held in Tokyo on Saturday the trailer videos are released, with which the new part of the martial arts series for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and the first IOS version of the classic duel to be advertised.

The control of the game is realized with the touch screen, virtual gamepads come very close to traditional controllers. The title supports the ranking leaders of the Game Center, features six game modes and 19 playable characters.
According to announcement of Soul Calibur only the newer iOS devices like the iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch and iPad 2 will supported. The price of the app has not been announced.


App Store Problems: iPhone, iPod Touch Running iOS 3.1.3 Reportedly Cannot Download New Apps

Unlike Apple’s Android is fragmented universe iOS significantly less. Although there are certain apps in the App Store a minimum IOS version or a specific IOS device require the rule but this is fortunately not. So far at least, because currently it looks as if Apple prohibit devices with IOS 3.1.3 or older to access the App Store.

In Apple’s support forums, some users report this problem. This is how an iPhone 3G owner, a tip that leads to the app-price to any action. Also recommended for evaluating the buttons or the app to the app are no apparent function. In addition, no preview images are displayed. Neither the termination of running background apps, nor the recovery of individual apps or the complete device is intended to help the victims as saying. Fortunately, there still seems to be able to buy apps with iTunes on your computer and transfer them afterwards.

Direct inquiries regarding the problem Apple should have answered with a standard text blocks, which is asked to contact AppleCare. The fact that Apple still makes no official information about the problem can, hoping that it is indeed only a mistake, and not a specific “kicked out” of iPhones and iPods are using an old version of IOS.