iBooks Textbooks are exclusively for iBookstore, Apple’s own format

Meanwhile iBooks Author should have been installed on many Macs and aspiring authors should arrive no later than when exporting to Apple’s terms of use in contact: The application may only be created in the iBookstore to be sold.

Actually, it was expected, since Apple is a hardware manufacturer: Apple’s software is used to in order to sell hardware. This is especially true for an application such as iBooks Author, which is distributed free of charge. For the terms, conditions are even relatively generous, because who wants to distribute books free of charge, can do this and the title should of course be sold in other eBookstore, just not in the iBooks format. However, Apple will not provide software to create for the competition. Currently, however, does not support the other iBooks Reader format.

iBooks are basically in the ePub format, but use ePub 3 with some extensions. ePub 3 is currently supported by only a few eBook readers, even those who decided to publish a book dummy text and uses the Apple templates without interactive widgets to be reckoned with smears in the presentation. The free iBooks are not protected by DRM or encrypted, it would quickly give viewers, as well as in ePub 3 builds on Apple’s variant (X) HTML. Anyone who wishes to remain compatible with other viewers should also export a PDF.

For those that need authoring software, which are designed to work with various platforms, must wait to see what will respond Adobe or other software manufacturers to Apple. The only relevant alternative for textbook publishers who want to create interactive books is Amazon with the KF8 format (Kindle Fire 8). KF8 also uses in HTML5, but is not identical with ePub 3.

Apple’s YouTube-Video: “The textbook. Reinvented for iPad.”


Google Launches iPhone App For Its Social Network ‘Orkut’

Google yesterday released an iPhone app for its Orkut social network. Orkut received quite a bit of press attention yesterday because it was the most popular social networking in Brazil until a report by comScore yesterday suggested Facebook overtook it. According to comScore, 36.1 million Brazilians visited Facebook in December 2011 compared to the 34.4 million who visited Orkut.

Google launches its social network "Orkut" for iOS

Orkut was launched by Google in 2004 and has been particularly successful in Brazil where 60% of its total users are located. Orkut gives users the ability to “send scraps, see your friends updates, upload photos and browse your friends albums anywhere you go.”

According to the app’s descriptions, these are the features available:

  • Update your status
  • Check your scraps and messages
  • Reply to your friends birthdays
  • Check your friends updates
  • Browse your friends profiles, scraps and photos
  • Take new photos and upload them directly to your Orkut albums
  • Share your life anywhere, anytime with the people you care about

The app is free and available in English and Portuguese.


Wikipedia goes offline in protest to the SOPA and PIPA

New level of escalation in the dispute over two U.S. Internet Laws: The English edition of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on Wednesday in protest for a day off. Other frequently visited sites are close to the action.

In the U.S., the debate rages about the controversial anti-piracy laws Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). On 18 January will therefore besides the several English-language Wikipedia, especially in the U.S. much-used Web sites to go offline for 24 hours. They want to protest the bill that will prevent the spread of piracy and protect intellectual property abroad. Supported are the laws of the U.S. film and music industry, which argues that the illegal sale of its products infringe copyrights and destroy jobs in the U.S.

Participation in the blackout had previously been the social news service reddit.com and the Mem-Catalog “I Can Has Cheezeburger”announced. The Wikipedia community has voted on whether and how they will join the protests. A large majority of users was for the “Blackout”, as turning the page is called for a day. Also the founder of the community, Jimmy Wales spoke strongly in favor of the temporary closure of Wikipedia.

The controversial law will make the downloading of copyright-protected files to serious crime. In addition, the owner of the copyrights have the opportunity to block “criminal” websites relatively easily. This should no longer appear in Google search results, or by entering the address into the URL bar of your browser to reach. Also, payment services like Paypal should then no longer work together with the operators of such sites.

Opponents of legislative initiative fear that go with this one innovation blockade and the American economy could be harmed. In addition, the U.S. government could then censor the Internet – such as China do it now. Interventions into the architecture of the Web would also undermine security mechanisms on the Internet.

Review: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac

Parallels has released 7: Whenever a new Apple Mac operating system brings to the market, pushing behind the virtualization professionals with a new version of Parallels Desktop, expensive new or upgrade license included. Meanwhile angelagt with version 7, has to Parallels users ask more than ever, whether he needs any foreign operating systems or software on the Mac.
Because the software selection is thanks to the increasing popularity of Apple computers and software sales grew the app store model in the past 24 months clearly – there are hardly any programs that do not exist in one form or another Mac version. Even the times when Windows converts were necessarily depend on virtual machines are almost over, and just in case there are – in addition to Boot Camp – yes, even the free VirtualBox, which basically provides the same functionality as Parallels available .

Who needs it
Who needs more then that is Parallels Desktop? All those who do not want to use for the Mac available software solutions, without sacrificing the comfort Mac. Gamers looking to play on OS X for Windows PCs certain games without starting over each time the computer. And last but not least all those users who need safe and compact entire computer networks with different operating systems on a Mac so developers and administrators. For all three groups, Parallels Desktop 7 over the competition and previous versions, one clear advantage: Parallels 7 now allows the virtualization of Mac OS X, but only under Lion Lion. Parallels 7 was also accelerates according to the developers and will massively-suited to play than ever. But what does this mean in practice?

OS X as a virtual machine
Parallels Desktop 7 works on Snow Leopard and Lion, Lion-only users will enjoy the new OS X virtualization: With the help of the Recovery partition on the new Mac system, we can finally connect the normal desktop version of OS X a virtual machine. This is made possible by a change in the licensing model of the Apple operating system, while ensuring that it can not be virtualized on Snow Leopard Lion, just as Snow Leopard or older Mac OS X versions below Lion. As in previous versions, but it is still possible that much more expensive OS X Server editions of 10.5 and 10.6 to virtualize.

The restriction ensures that the idea of ​​a virtual Macs basically only for power users is interesting to establish a secure environment for testing purposes Lion Lion on a system. Average consumer, which is about the use of older, under Lion by eliminating Rosetta no longer executable software, looking into the tube. Try also the Lion of the window on a Mac using the older OS X 10.6 is not possible, so that the function for the majority of users who are not software hobbyist, really useful free. Parallels away doing an excellent selling point. After all, OS X works very round in the window, especially after installing Parallels Tools, which is now also available for guest systems running OS X.

Significant acceleration
Otherwise it will look at the virtualization of other operating systems, especially Windows: will stop virtual machines from the previous version adopted easily, then the performance gain shows already on startup of the virtual Windows system, which starts much faster than it was sixth under Parallels Desktop Especially users of 64-bit versions of Windows will benefit greatly from switching to the 64-bit technology in OS X Lion. What previously worked poorly on Snow Leopard runs more than right now to even weaker hardware largely liquid. Particularly impressive is the significantly improved speed of Coherence function, unlike in previous version of Parallels to switch quickly between windows and the use of Coherence, Windows programs to run around and finally on less powerful systems. However, memory is a must: With less than four gigabytes of RAM in the Mac Parallels will quickly become all-encompassing system, brakes, because they require Windows and Mac OS X at least two gigabytes. SSD is also recommended as a system disk to get the most out of a Parallels VM.


Also, Parallels Desktop for players 7 is a real treat: The virtual graphics memory can now be up to one gigabyte, which of course is only useful when high performance graphics hardware is used on the host system. Unfortunately that is built only in the more expensive Apple-lines, so the gaming capabilities of the host Windows stops right there, where the power limit of the Mac is. Modern Windows games firecrackers that have not already run into some bootcamp will rise under Parallels, of course, hardly to new performance heights. Nevertheless, the system performance significantly better served by the virtual machine in Parallels than it was six, which is also apparent.

Many small improvements
The installation routine for guest systems has been revised, now provides a wizard to automatically correct basic hardware settings for each operating system. This course can be changed later. Also new is the convenience store in which users Windows Parallels software and Windows order themselves.

Overall, Parallels Desktop 7 significantly faster and more comfortable than its predecessor. That’s not very fair upgrade from version 6 is worthwhile only for gamers and power users, the Lion virtualize or want to work with multiple VMs. Users of older versions of Parallels, which often use a virtualization should definitely think about an upgrade. An upgrade option is new with Release 5

You can grab it for $79.99 ($49.99 upgrade) from Parallels.com or Apple stores now. You can also get a free trial from www.parallels.com/desktop.

iTV: Is the iMac for the first next-generation Apple TV?

Earlier rumors that Apple sometime in the coming year, a controlled-Siri and present with the icloud linked television. According to an analyst at Wedge Partners, however, Apple could simply expand its existing technology with TV capabilities. The result: a combination of TV and iMac.

Living-iMac: iTV: If the next-generation iMac for the first Apple TV?

According to analyst Brian Blair, this would imply that Apple in the near future to compete with conventional televisions iMacs could offer with a screen size of up to 140 centimeters. The step for Apple would be an advantage, since the iMac’s production process is already routine. Only the software provided by Apple would have to be adjusted.

One possibility would be for example, the integrated software similar to Apple TV Front Row in the system. Argues against the theory, however, on the one hand, compared to other TVs thick design of iMacs, on the other hand, requires significantly less computing power a television set as itself a computer – the iMac in hardware would be built so more than being challenged.

Confirmed: Facebook buys Foursquare rival Gowalla

What an anonymous source hinted to CNN Money is now official: Facebook buys Gowalla with the main competitors of the check-in service Foursquare. Josh Williams, CEO of Gowalla, would not engage in speculation had previously, but the flower is already given to understand that all signs point to completion.

Now he writes in the Gowalla blog:

“About two months ago, my co-founder Scott and I attended F8. We were blown away by Facebook’s new developments. A few weeks later Facebook called, and it became clear that the way for our team to have the biggest impact was to work together. So we’re excited to announce that we’ll be making the journey to California to join Facebook!”

Gowalla is set in January. The user should be able to export their data in a simple way.

Josh Williams is located before the deal between Facebook and Gowalla stresses behind. His e-mail reveals between the lines but the execution.

Facebook and Gowalla in the shadow of Foursquare
Gowalla and Foursquare are location-based services that enable a smartphone app to share his location, leave reviews and more. Both apps rely on playful components, because of the so-called “check in” not only tells you the whereabouts of the friends, but also get hold of items, digital items or honorary titles such as “Mayor”.

Foursquare had so far no serious worry about his position in this sector because Gowalla let them have practically the field after one never really was able to position with the number of users compared to Foursquare. The small rival attempts since then more in the position of the virtual tour guide.
Gowalla employees to the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto
But with the social network to get their side could Foursquare seriously in trouble. Although Facebook has with its function “Places” a product in this segment, but with the know-how of Gowalla should be improved among other things, the functions of the Facebook mobile app, and “Places.”

Over the previous sales price of Gowalla is the extent yet known, but most of the Gowalla staff, including Josh Williams are, according to the report to move into the Facebook offices in Palo Alto to also Facebook’s new feature “Timeline” to cooperate.

New YouTube Design: YouTube wants to compete with the television

YouTube has introduced its new design.

Just in time for the beginning of December appeared the complete re-design of YouTube.

Youtube is preparing for the new age of television. The world’s largest online video portal launches the biggest redesign in its six year history, with which it brings is a provider of Internet-enabled televisions to channel millions into position. Google‘s daughter puts on its revised portal rather than individual videos, but the thematic channels in the center. Since Thursday, each user can create a personalized YouTube homepage, where he selects his favorite channels that are constantly updated. This should be primarily associated with more order into the millions of videos overloaded and confusing offer, get lost in the contents of most vendors so far.

The new design is very straightforward and offers many new features.

After the redesign, users like the TV to switch from one channel to another, rather than having more or less aimlessly through millions of videos from pros and amateurs digging.

“Channels are the stars on Youtube – and all the channels that run well on Youtube will be great even on TVs,” – Shiva Rajaraman, YouTube product manager

Thematic channels instead of amateur videos
With the TV-friendly offering, the currently positioned mainly on computers used video portal as an alternative to traditional TV and cable stations. Users can Youtube-interest channels – from Disney and HBO Channel on the Coldplay niche channel through to the cooking channel for vegetarians and the Chelsea station for football fans – even on mobile phones and tablets and now use the Microsoft game console Xbox.

“We are working hard to combine the best of online and TV,” – Shishir Mehrotra, product development chief

“We are convinced that the word ‘Online Video’ will eventually disappear -. With ‘video’ then all devices are meant not only computers” According to Mehrotra, there will soon be millions of such niche channels from providers such as Youtube.

In search of new advertising revenue
To boost revenue, YouTube is experimenting with new advertising formats and cost models. In a test with a few hundred advertisers pay them for not more page views, but only for commercials, which have looked at the Youtube user really. Users who want to fast forward directly to the video, skip the spot. Advertisers have to pay anything in the case. Half of the spots on YouTube can now be skipped.

Apple updated the Safari browser to Version 5.1.2

Safari has been updated.

Safari is already the most popular Macintosh browser. The browser is fast, Apple’s stylish and has everything to enjoy surfing the Internet.

What’s New in Version 5.1.2:

  • Improve stability
  • Address issues that could cause hangs and excessive memory usage
  • Address issues that could cause webpages to flash white
  • Allow PDFs to be displayed within web content

Download Details & System Requirements
Lion System Requirements: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2
Download for Mac OS X Lion

Snow Leopard System Requirements: Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Security Update 2011-006
Download for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Windows Requirements:

  • Any PC running Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • 500-MHz Pentium-class processor or better
  • 256MB of RAM
  • Top Sites and Cover Flow require a compatible DirectX 9.0 video card with 64MB of video RAM [more details]

Apple Safari 5.1.2 in Full Screen Mode (Lion required)

Mozilla released Firefox 8 – with lots of new features, faster browsing and twitter search

Many new features and news
Mozilla maintains its strict update schedule and has published Firefox 8.0. A download from the Mozilla Web site (http://mozilla.com/firefox) is already available for Mac, PC and Linux. The e-mail app Thunderbird was updated to version 8.0, too. Firefox apparently wants to make the new Google Chrome competitive (downloads4mac reported): The update of Firefox 8 fixes security vulnerabilities and provides a great Twitter search in the search box. This can be set in the settings, and how that should be searched. Even the installation process for add-ons has been substantially increased.

According to market researchers at Net Applications, Firefox comes to desktop computers currently has a market share of nearly 23 percent, thus proving to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer took second place (see left image below).

Tab browsing is much improved in the latest version of Firefox and the ease of usehas risen sharply.
Learn more about Firefox 8 & Tab Browsing

Download Details

downloads4mac recommends Firefox 8!

Download Firefox 8 for Mac, Windows or Linux
Firefox 8 requires at least Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel).
Other Operating Systems like Windows & Linux are not supported by downloads4mac.

Don’t now what browser you have to choose? Maybe whatbrowser.org can help you getting a good, fast and secure web browser.