iBooks Textbooks are exclusively for iBookstore, Apple’s own format

Meanwhile iBooks Author should have been installed on many Macs and aspiring authors should arrive no later than when exporting to Apple’s terms of use in contact: The application may only be created in the iBookstore to be sold.

Actually, it was expected, since Apple is a hardware manufacturer: Apple’s software is used to in order to sell hardware. This is especially true for an application such as iBooks Author, which is distributed free of charge. For the terms, conditions are even relatively generous, because who wants to distribute books free of charge, can do this and the title should of course be sold in other eBookstore, just not in the iBooks format. However, Apple will not provide software to create for the competition. Currently, however, does not support the other iBooks Reader format.

iBooks are basically in the ePub format, but use ePub 3 with some extensions. ePub 3 is currently supported by only a few eBook readers, even those who decided to publish a book dummy text and uses the Apple templates without interactive widgets to be reckoned with smears in the presentation. The free iBooks are not protected by DRM or encrypted, it would quickly give viewers, as well as in ePub 3 builds on Apple’s variant (X) HTML. Anyone who wishes to remain compatible with other viewers should also export a PDF.

For those that need authoring software, which are designed to work with various platforms, must wait to see what will respond Adobe or other software manufacturers to Apple. The only relevant alternative for textbook publishers who want to create interactive books is Amazon with the KF8 format (Kindle Fire 8). KF8 also uses in HTML5, but is not identical with ePub 3.

Apple’s YouTube-Video: “The textbook. Reinvented for iPad.”


Review: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac

Parallels has released 7: Whenever a new Apple Mac operating system brings to the market, pushing behind the virtualization professionals with a new version of Parallels Desktop, expensive new or upgrade license included. Meanwhile angelagt with version 7, has to Parallels users ask more than ever, whether he needs any foreign operating systems or software on the Mac.
Because the software selection is thanks to the increasing popularity of Apple computers and software sales grew the app store model in the past 24 months clearly – there are hardly any programs that do not exist in one form or another Mac version. Even the times when Windows converts were necessarily depend on virtual machines are almost over, and just in case there are – in addition to Boot Camp – yes, even the free VirtualBox, which basically provides the same functionality as Parallels available .

Who needs it
Who needs more then that is Parallels Desktop? All those who do not want to use for the Mac available software solutions, without sacrificing the comfort Mac. Gamers looking to play on OS X for Windows PCs certain games without starting over each time the computer. And last but not least all those users who need safe and compact entire computer networks with different operating systems on a Mac so developers and administrators. For all three groups, Parallels Desktop 7 over the competition and previous versions, one clear advantage: Parallels 7 now allows the virtualization of Mac OS X, but only under Lion Lion. Parallels 7 was also accelerates according to the developers and will massively-suited to play than ever. But what does this mean in practice?

OS X as a virtual machine
Parallels Desktop 7 works on Snow Leopard and Lion, Lion-only users will enjoy the new OS X virtualization: With the help of the Recovery partition on the new Mac system, we can finally connect the normal desktop version of OS X a virtual machine. This is made possible by a change in the licensing model of the Apple operating system, while ensuring that it can not be virtualized on Snow Leopard Lion, just as Snow Leopard or older Mac OS X versions below Lion. As in previous versions, but it is still possible that much more expensive OS X Server editions of 10.5 and 10.6 to virtualize.

The restriction ensures that the idea of ​​a virtual Macs basically only for power users is interesting to establish a secure environment for testing purposes Lion Lion on a system. Average consumer, which is about the use of older, under Lion by eliminating Rosetta no longer executable software, looking into the tube. Try also the Lion of the window on a Mac using the older OS X 10.6 is not possible, so that the function for the majority of users who are not software hobbyist, really useful free. Parallels away doing an excellent selling point. After all, OS X works very round in the window, especially after installing Parallels Tools, which is now also available for guest systems running OS X.

Significant acceleration
Otherwise it will look at the virtualization of other operating systems, especially Windows: will stop virtual machines from the previous version adopted easily, then the performance gain shows already on startup of the virtual Windows system, which starts much faster than it was sixth under Parallels Desktop Especially users of 64-bit versions of Windows will benefit greatly from switching to the 64-bit technology in OS X Lion. What previously worked poorly on Snow Leopard runs more than right now to even weaker hardware largely liquid. Particularly impressive is the significantly improved speed of Coherence function, unlike in previous version of Parallels to switch quickly between windows and the use of Coherence, Windows programs to run around and finally on less powerful systems. However, memory is a must: With less than four gigabytes of RAM in the Mac Parallels will quickly become all-encompassing system, brakes, because they require Windows and Mac OS X at least two gigabytes. SSD is also recommended as a system disk to get the most out of a Parallels VM.


Also, Parallels Desktop for players 7 is a real treat: The virtual graphics memory can now be up to one gigabyte, which of course is only useful when high performance graphics hardware is used on the host system. Unfortunately that is built only in the more expensive Apple-lines, so the gaming capabilities of the host Windows stops right there, where the power limit of the Mac is. Modern Windows games firecrackers that have not already run into some bootcamp will rise under Parallels, of course, hardly to new performance heights. Nevertheless, the system performance significantly better served by the virtual machine in Parallels than it was six, which is also apparent.

Many small improvements
The installation routine for guest systems has been revised, now provides a wizard to automatically correct basic hardware settings for each operating system. This course can be changed later. Also new is the convenience store in which users Windows Parallels software and Windows order themselves.

Overall, Parallels Desktop 7 significantly faster and more comfortable than its predecessor. That’s not very fair upgrade from version 6 is worthwhile only for gamers and power users, the Lion virtualize or want to work with multiple VMs. Users of older versions of Parallels, which often use a virtualization should definitely think about an upgrade. An upgrade option is new with Release 5

You can grab it for $79.99 ($49.99 upgrade) from Parallels.com or Apple stores now. You can also get a free trial from www.parallels.com/desktop.

Mendeley Desktop – Research management tool for Mac

About Mendeley Desktop
Mendeley Desktop is a research management tool for desktop & web. Mendeley is a free desktop and web solution designed for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online. It combines Mendeley Desktop, a PDF and reference management application with Mendeley Web, an online social network for researchers.

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System Requirements: Mendeley Desktop requires at least Mac OS X 10.5 and is Lion-compatible.

QREncoder – Encode QR codes for barcode readers and camera phones

downloads4mac’s Review about QREncoder
QREncoder is a simple application to create a barcode. This include email addresses, websites, phone numbers, SMS messages and a free-formatted text can be made ​​to the barcode.
The created barcodes can then easily be identified with bar code from a scanner and be forwarded (on the phone or e-readers).

System Requirements

QREncoder requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Download Details

Download QREncoder for free at the Mac App Store

iOS App: Opera Mini for iPhone/iPod Touch

The alternative to pre-installed Safari browser is up to six times faster than thestandard browser in the iPhone, according to developer specifications. Thefleet-side up with Opera Mini will be able, among other things the fact thatdata is compressed on the server side up to 90 percent before they get on thephone. Among the already known features of Opera Mini 5 on the iPhoneincluding tabbed browsing, a password manager, Speed ​​Dial and storingbookmarks. On a quick launch bar, the user can also set his nine favorite Web sites at any time direct access to the URLs have to match.
Download Opera Mini for iPhone/iPod Touch
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Wunderlist – Free task management tool for Mac, iOS and Windows

macupdate.com’s Review
wunderlist is the first product from 6 Wunderkinder. This beautiful, free task management tool is available for Mac OS X. Users can even sync their todo lists between multiple devices. While creating the user interface, the designer focused on minimalism, function and design aspects. Especially Windows users will be pleased with the nice design and simple usability.

Wunderlist is also available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. It is completely free and appears with a good Interface.

System Requirements
Mac OS X: Wunderlist requires Mac 10.5 or later.
Windows: Wunderlist requires Windows XP or later.
iOS: Wunderlist requires iOS 3.1 or later.
Android: Wunderlist requires Android 1.6 or later.

Download Wunderlist for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android(Redirect to Website!)

Screenshot of Wunderlist for Mac

Screenshot of Wunderlist for iPhone

DVD Hunter – Catalog and organize your movie collection.

DVD Hunter is a free application for Mac to catalog, sort, and organize your movie collection. To save your time Dvd Hunter can query an online database and easily get all information about your favorite movies.

– Change style of movie’s Table: List, Icon or Coverflow
– Get information quering online database
– list to organize your library
– self updating smart-list
– folder of lists for better organization
– link games with URLs, images, videos

System Requirements
DVD Hunter requires 10.5. Leopard or later.
To Download DVD Hunter, click here. (Redirect to Website)
Check out downloads4mac’s Review about Game Hunter: Game Hunter – a free application to catalog, sort, and organize your game collection

NeO – Organize and outline ideas and projects.

Publisher’s Description
NeO is a powerful outliner built for MacOS X. Using NeO, you can efficiently manage and organize pieces of information. NeO supports basic outliner facilities, such as creating, moving, sorting, grouping, combining and gathering items.

System Requirements
NeO requires a Mac OS X 10.5 or later. (Intel / PPC)

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Kickoff – a collaboration tool for your #Mac

Publisher’s Description
Kickoff is a collaboration tool designed for small groups. It is free to use for clients and coworkers joining existing projects. They can contribute for free, forever and without any limitations. Creating new projects requires a paying plan that can subscribe to directly from the app. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time. Kickoff offers the right tools to simplify your teamwork.

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