The next Siri-Hack: How the iPhone will be key to the car

It is almost unbelievable, but a hacker has actually managed to manipulate the Siri so that it complete a car, open, start and stop.
Using a proxy server for voice control Siri, the programmed scripts as plug-ins run make and thus allows virtually make any imaginable function under the Apple voice control Siri runs, it creates a hacker to replace a car key with Siri. “Siri checked my car,” says proudly the YouTube video of the hacker.

YouTube Video



iPhoney 1.2

About iPhoney
iPhoney is an iPhone emulator that enables Web 2.0 applications or web pages on their iPhone compatibility check.

This can be turned iPhoney to view websites in portrait or landscape mode. Plugins can be enabled or disabled. It is also possible to identify himself with various user agents, and to zoom the web page on the format of the iPhone.

System Requirements
iPhoney requires at least Mac OS X 10.4.7


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