Asphalt 6: Adrenaline – Race 42 cars and bikes with single and multiplayer modes.

Feel the thrill of racing like never before in the newest adrenaline-pumping edition of the Asphalt series.

About Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
Discover 42 cars and bikes from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati and other world-class manufacturers. Collect them in your own 3D garage.

Asphalt 6 Screenshot

You can even take on friends in Online and Local Multiplayer mode for up to 6 racers. Climb the online leaderboard to be the best in the world!

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline is for Mac, Android and iOS available.

These street races will have you tearing up city streets in L.A., Tokyo, the Bahamas and more. Each location is rendered in beautiful HD graphics.

Don’t take your eyes off the road for a second, because you’ll be driving against tough opponents in 11 different leagues and 55 events.

Take advantage of numerous tuning options to help your vehicles reach peak performance on any track. You can even customize your vehicles with decals to give them your own style.

Download Details & System Requirements
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel).
Please Note: PowerPC based Macs are not supported.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline – Mac – Official Game Trailer by Gameloft


SuperTuxKart – Enhanced version of TuxKart racing game

About SuperTuxKart
SuperTuxKart is a Free 3D kart racing game, focusing on fun and not on realistic racing physics. Race with your kart on more than 10 tracks against Tux and his friends and be the first to cross the finishing line. With many items you can make sure that you will win. You can play with up to 4 friends on one PC racing against each other, or just try to beat the computer.
SuperTuxKart is based on the old beta version SuperTuxKart 0.7.2b.
You can do a single race against other karts, compete in one of several Grand Prix, or try to beat the high score in time trials on your own.
Download Link below

What’s New
There are many new tracks and karts available.
-New Minigolf track
-New Zen Garden track
-New Subsea track
-New Island battle arena
-New Suzanne kart
-New graphical effects
and more!

Download Details
Visit Developer Site
SuperTuxKart requires at least Mac OS X 10.4 / Windows XP / Linux Debian

iOS App: Volkswagen Touareg Challenge

VW Touareg Challenge is a good, free racing game for your iPhone. It is also a HD version available for the iPad. downloads4mac tested the app and tells you whether it is worth the app to load.

downloads4mac’s Review

VW Touareg Challenge offers a good interface and has no long load times. It involves some levels that must be unlocked only with time trials.

Negative: In the app there is only a stage, which includes levels. An update should provide even more stages.
Download the App for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

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Car Game: Racer

About Racer
Racer is a racing car GAMING for Mac OS X. It provides professional driving physics for a realistic driving experience and an excellent render engine.

The game can be expanded with a variety of vehicles and routes. There are a great community this is on various websites.

Ambitious Tüfftler can also lend a hand and create cars and tracks. All this is possible by the good documentation.

System Requirements

Racer requires at least Mac OS X 10.3.9