Live Updating: Apple Education Event Today in NYC

For several minutes the first Apple Special Event of 2012 starts. In the past week, Apple sent out invitations to selected U.S. media representatives today for a special event. “Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple” was on the invitation card, the background was the New York skyline, including the Apple logo visible. From 16 clock Apple announced today at the Guggenheim Museum, the first news of the year.

The invitation card to indicate it already. Apple does anything in the “education” in the shields. The only question is “what?”. In recent days there have been rumors that Apple might introduce. Fueled by statements in the official Steve Jobs biography, shot himself in the rumor mill quickly to the issue of school books. Several sources, including the Wal Street Journal, as supplemented, that developer tools for the creation and distribution of textbooks will be presented. A collaboration has been named among other things, McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Eddy Cue, and Roger Rosner should be represented on stage by Apple.

Shortly before closing gates throws Jason D. O’Grady a few rumors in the room, which he claims to have heard just before the event. He announced via Twitter that he had a little bird twittered that 12 pages, 2 iBooks will be presented today (with the support of OS X Lion) and textbooks on loan in New York.
We will keep you in this article from 10 clock-to-date.
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Report: Apple to hold iPad 3 event in early February

Apple Education Event on Thursday in New York is expected to produce only minor announcements. But already the beginning of February, Apple could invite the press again in the Yerba Buene Center for the Arts in San Francisco in order to present the new iPad. The shelves of the dealers come to the successor of the iPad 2 but only about a month later.

So at least the claim of the Japanese Mac blogs Macotakara who relies on information the Asian suppliers. The long waiting period between the announcement and publication Macotakara explained with the Chinese New Year, as some factories suspend production during the celebrations.

However, this assumption is made that would elapse between the announcement and publication of a full month. During the first iPad was delivered only two months after the keynote, Apple was able to bring the iPad 2 already after two days with the customer. speculated that Apple could postpone the lengthy approval procedures, so as to keep details about the new iPad under lock until the official announcement can.

Apple invites media for ‘education announcement’ in New York, next Thursday, Jan. 19

As first reported by The Loop, Apple sent out invites today for a special media event held in New York City next Thursday, Jan. 19. The invitation’s graphic shows the familiar New York skyscraper motif, adorned with the Apple logo silhouette and the tagline:

Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple.

The invite arrives following a flurry of speculation pertaining to the nature of the event, which was first hinted by AllThingsD. The publication reported on Jan. 2 that Apple’s presser will not be huge —at least not compared to the company’s splashy theatrical announcements—nor will it cover any iPad or Apple TV hardware news.

Instead, it will focus on iBooks, another report said. With education the focus, this leaves iBooks and perhaps textbooks, another market Jobs wanted to disrupt, as the main attraction. The presser is said to involve Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue, whose recently expanded responsibilities now include the App Store, iTunes Store, iAd, iCloud and iBooks.


Apple Goes After Toy Company For Making Lifelike Steve Jobs Figurine

Apple is no stranger to throwing lawsuits around, but instead of accusing another company of ripping off its products, it’s now blaming them for ripping off its former leader.

In Icons, a Chinese company, recently created an action figure of Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs died from pancreatic cancer complications back in October 2011.

The figurine is 12 inches tall and looks nearly identical to Apple’s co-founder. It features Jobs’ signature black turtleneck, blue jeans, sneakers, glasses, and even has interchangeable hands to show his different movements. The doll also comes with two Apples, one of which has a bite out of it, a “One More Thing” backdrop and a bar stool.

The doll is already up for sale on eBay for $135, and In Icons was set to begin selling it in February. However, if Apple has its way, the Steve Jobs look-alike won’t make it to store shelves or consumer’s hands.

According to Apple’s letter to In Icons, the tech giant owns all rights pertaining to its founder, and the “likeness” of the doll falls under those rights. Toys that resemble the company’s logo, appearance, likeness or someone’s name are subject to a legal action if not made by Apple itself.

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iPhone 5: New study design as a tribute to Steve Jobs

Actually, out of season delivers the design studio ADR from Italy, a new vision of the iPhone. Inspired by Steve Jobs is the model itself and therefore carries hisname as an abbreviation expansion. The “iPhone SJ” would be made ​​of glass and polycarbonate, it would offer and A6-CPU and a 10 Megapixel camera.

Not yet presented the mobile processor and the slight turning of the screw of the camera resolution are of course only an accessory of this design study. Will be presented in this gallery is primarily an ultra-slim device that can otherwise be immediately identified as an iPhone.

Repeatedly presenting the ADR studio more or less new ideas, who think the design of Cupertino even further – Italian style last ADR had brought the world the iCam, which is to bring as an attachment for the iPhone 5 is a higher quality photographic experience . For this would-be product sets De Rosa, currently even the photo series of a virtual ceremony after unpacking.

Unpublished interview appeared – Steve Jobs commented on the iTunes Music Store

With the iTunes Store, Apple has revolutionized the music world. In a newly published interview, Steve Jobs said the controversial slogan “Rip. Mix. Burn” and the then rival the iTunes Music Store.

Unpublished interview appeared: Steve Jobs to the iTunes Music Store

At that time, was to DRM-free music from major labels to think not, the label made ​​a prerequisite for DRM. iTunes users admitted to the comparatively generously rights: Rhapsody For example, a fee must be paid before music should be burned to CD. As a major advantage of the iTunes Music Store over the P2P software Kazaa, he saw the ease of use: Each song is available in good quality, downloads do not break off in between, for every song there is a preview and it can easily be searched for new music.

His dislike of music-subscription services on the other hand had not changed in the next eight years. He did not expect many competitors, because the construction of a store and very sophisticated music.

In fact, the expansion of the iTunes Music Store is still far from complete: only recently came to many European countries, in Asia, Apple has some catching up. The iTunes ecosystem, which has been extended in the years to videos, iTunes U, apps and books, has to the success of iPod, iPhone and iPad contributed.

Steve Jobs Keynote iTunes 2003

Updates: Keynote 5.1.1 and iCloud 1.0.1 for Windows

Keynote Update 5.1.1 released

Keynote Update 5.1.1 released
Apple just released the latest update of the Keynote series. The 5.1.1 update is as usual in Apple’s Software Update available. It fixes a lot of bug fixes and some bug fixes for large presentations at Mac OS X Lion. The stability was improved.

iCloud Control Panel 1.0.1 for Windows released
Apple can always use iCloud with Windows, too. For this purpose it is necessary, the Control Panel “icloud” install for Windows systems. Exactly this interface, Apple has now updated. iCloud Control Panel for Windows 1.0.1 is 40MB in size and requires Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 and a broadband Internet connection. In addition, Apple recommends Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010. The Control Panel “icloud” is needed to photostream, contacts and calendar (requires Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later) to be used.

iCloud Control Panel 1.0.1 for Windows