Mac App Store: 100 million downloads in less than one year

Almost a year ago that Apple OS X 10.6.6 available for download and thus opened the doors to the new shopping paradise for Mac applications, the Mac App Store has. Were at the launch of a limited number of apps available, meanwhile cavort major titles between many small app store pearl. Indication of the success of the Mac App Store: Today has passed the magic boundary of the 100 million app downloads.

At first glance, this appears not much, especially compared with the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: There were three months after the launch twice as many downloads. After a year, Apple reported more than one billion app downloads. Cupertino now reached this level monthly.

However, the App Store iOS the only way to download apps for OS X next to the Mac App Store, other sources are used. In addition, the average price for Mac programs is much higher than the price of IOS applications. Since there are hardly any significant competition, Apple’s App Store, but still describe as the “world’s largest and fastest growing store for PC software.”

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