Hundreds of visitors: Apple Store “Grand Central” opened in New York

The opening of an Apple Store is an event in itself, even though there is the re-opening only on a small scale. But the new Apple store in New York’s Central Station is anything but small, and is one of the biggest Apple stores worldwide. From now loads the new store not only travelers to go shopping.

The Apple Store Grand Central Apple today opened a fifth store in the Big Apple. Apple even called the store in the historic station building a “one-of-a-kind” – a special Apple Retail Store. The reason for this designation is likely to be among other things, the Genius Bar, of which there are two at the Grand Central Store. In addition, the Apple Store for newcomers to the world’s largest area for Apple’s so-called Personal Setup – a first introduction into the world of Mac, iPad, iPhone and Co.

For the first 4,000 visitors from Apple once again there was the obligatory T-shirt with the name of the store. Thematically, however, fits Apple T-shirts can print in the style of station information board.

YouTube Video: Massive crowd outside Apple’s Grand Central Store


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