iTunes Twitter extension Twunes no longer freeware

The Twitter Twunes extension is not freeware more: In the Mac App Store is available for 2,39 €.
The official download by downloads4mac is no longer available. See Why.By clicking on the “Download” Button, you will be redirect to the CNET Downloads. There is the latest free version of Twunes available.
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4 comments on “iTunes Twitter extension Twunes no longer freeware

  1. Hi,
    I’m the author of Twunes. As you mentioned correctly above Twunes isn’t freeware anymore. I’m selling it now via the Apple Appstore for the price of a fancy coffee.
    Because it’s copyrighted material and I own the copyright: please remove the download immediately.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Stefan,
    we are very sorry about that. We removed the download. The “Download” Button is now linked to Twunes in the Mac App Store.
    Best regards, downloads4mac editor changeyourmusic 🙂

  3. Hi Stefan again,
    the “Download” Button is redirect to CNET Downloads. We take no responsibility for other websites that offer the download. It is the Twunes version 2.2.1. which is free.

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