Google Chrome – A Google Browser for the Mac OS X

With Google Chrome loads to the free browser of the Internet giant Google on the computer. Quick and clear web browser extensions to fit the user with individually.

Besides the known simply structured surface Google Chrome brings in the tenth generation of several hundred bug fixes. In addition, the browser with a new HTML5 parser based on the free browser engine Webkit as well as improved privacy settings for cookies, Javascript & Co. safe. A GPU-acceleration is contrary to expectations, not on board.

The possibilities for synchronization of user data existed for Google Chrome 6th Have a Google account to synchronize bookmarks, passwords, and general browser settings such as home, language or themes.

Extensions can be installed Google Chrome in incognito mode to use. included features such as geolocation API, App cache and drag and drop files – also supports the current web standard browser for video, HTML5.

With Google Chrome to choose a clean, fast browser. The well-known by other browsers enhancements make Google Chrome more attractive. Meanwhile, in the 10th Version, and well developed, Google Chrome is a good choice on the browser market;


  • quickly
  • clear navigation
  • expandable
  • Individual Themes


  • Extensions usually only available in English
  • Synchronization options require a Google Account

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